Hello, everyone! I hope you treat me well, since I’m not a very experienced blogger. In fact, this is my first time doing something like this! Well, I guess it’ll grow on me somehow.

This is my very first blog post! I’m going to be spouting off my story ideas, wishes, life, and more. So prepare yourself for lots of posts and (hopefully) commenting on them! Thanks for reading!

The Goddess & The General

Hehe, sorry for not writing for so long. Recently I’ve been writing a story, something I had planned to do someday but didn’t know when. It’s kind of inconsistent bc I never really decided to write, but I hope to fix up a proper schedule and such. Well, bc of the story, I won’t come here much anymore I guess. So, toodles!

Peerless Battle Spirit

So, recently, I’ve been reading a lot of wuxia novels and Chinese translated novels. They’re really great! Anyways, the one I’m currently on right now is called, “Peerless Battle Spirit”, as said in the title. Well, it’s about a genius who after going through a trial to see his inner strength, becomes defamed since he inherited only the weakest battle spirit. But, being the OP main character he is, he trades the lowly battle spirit for an unknown and immensely powerful battle spirit that even evolves! And apparently, only his battle spirit can do that. He grows with a few struggles and troubles on his way but he eventually gains status and respect as he quickly becomes an unprecedented factor in the martial world. I like this novel so far because there’s nothing like the feeling when you see that your favorite character is able to so powerfully defeat his enemies and the enemies sense of defeat after the battles. Well, I do really hate that he gathered so many enemies and that they all vowed revenge, but I don’t mind and think that they are really shameless and pitiful for going against Qin Nan(that’s the main character’s name). Well, besides that, there are many more novels that I’m currently reading. If any of you readers have a favored Chinese Novel, please recommend them to me! It’s mostly due to my fast reading skill, meaning I need more reading material… Well, I hope everyone has a nice rest of the day!

Finals/Wuxia Novels

Dear readers who read this post, something I found out about being in high school… It’s set to an abnormal degree of stress and boringness as well as having a busy schedule attached as a bonus. So basically, NOT FUN AT ALL. I tolerated middle school but high school’s just… bleh. Well, I’m sure most of you who still attend school have finished finals supposedly. For those who haven’t, good luck. Well, my final scores were in between what I wanted besides my math… The math teacher gave us a study guide and barely 7 questions related to the study guide showed up. I hate it when teachers do that. Well, I’m not just here to complain(If you think I was just here to complain, you were WRONG. Well, maybe not completely, but still…). I’m also here to talk about novels. These days, I just don’t have time to go to a library and leisurely borrow books I want to read, besides, books just got boring because most of them are like soap operas, way too dramatic. The rarely good ones, which I tend to read over and over again, have gotten to the point where I get bored because I memorized the whole book. Well, so here came my solution to reading. Chinese translated novels online! Don’t get me wrong, I like Korean novels and Japanese ones too, but it’s just that the Korean ones are usually too serious and about technology and have lengthy descriptions in them with characters that have too similar names(I mean, I can’t even remember my cousins’ names sometimes! How do those authors expect me to remember more names?!) and the Japanese ones are either mostly about harems, which I highly dislike, unless the main character only likes one person an pushes away the other firmly, and just have the characters talk in a weird tone sometimes(The shoujo ones are too girly for my own opinion and the shounen ones are with an OP protagonist). So, I honestly like Chinese novels the best. I mean there are still ones with harems, and stuff I don’t like in novels, but those are the ones I dislike. The ones I love are mostly with female protagonists. They are powerful, cruel, and super cool! They’re kinda like the epitome of coolness and are usually the most beautiful people unless they start out ugly and then get astonishingly beautiful. Well, they are all powerful in their own way, and most of them, are reborn or transmigrated from a different world. Those stories are always fun, where the protagonist reveals his true self slowly, and astonishes people every step of the way, from being weak to becoming powerful. It’s more like I wish I was a wuxia novel character just to meet these people! Well, also, I like Chinese novels, because of the pairings. The male character doesn’t ever betray the girl and stays faithful while being the most handsome man in the world apparently. It’s like they were meant to be the blessed couple and everyone just supports them or either hates them but gets crushed in the end? Yea, well, that’s my opinion, what do you guys think?

Descent of Phoenix

Hello! I’m back! So, I was reading a translated Chinese novel since I can’t read Chinese(I really wish I could. Really, REALLY, wish I could). Anyways, since I was so into it, I read it in one day. But. There wasn’t any translated chapters after that. The last translated chapter was from November of 2016! So I was kinda feeling depressed and was stressing over it a little and then had the idea of finding decent translating sites and applications to translate the raws for me. Fortunately, I found a lot of Chinese to English translating applications and free websites. Unfortunately, none of them translated as smoothly as I hoped for and I couldn’t properly read them… And here I am now, feeling really bummed out. So I’m thinking of asking one of my Chinese friends if they could translate for me. But I think it’d be a bit of a bother so I’m stuck on what to do. I could ask a novel translating person to do it for me or I could just try to learn Chinese myself. Well, I don’t think the latter option is going to work out, so I’ll somehow do something about my dream of reading the novel. Oh, by the way, the novel is called, “Descent of the Phoenix- 13 years old Princess Consort” It may sound a bit weird from the title, but I really liked it. Now if only I could just read Chinese…Well, that’s it for today, and I’ll write again!

P.S.- You know the incident of a maybe stalker from the last post? It turned out to be my from my friend who attended the same middle school as me before who somehow got a hold of my phone number from one of the people who knew my phone number. I scolded her later but we both thought it was funny.

P.P.S.- I’m really sad, I’m supposedly “TOO OLD” to go trick or treating. Goodbye free  candies and chocolates…

Situation of the Day

Hello dear readers! This is thisworldofmine1 here, and I’m going to tell you guys about a slightly weird and funny situation I had today. So today was pretty bad for me, I possibly failed my violin audition, 99.999% chance of failure I think. My hands were freezing cold from me being too nervous. (Fact: when I get nervous, I don’t sweat at all, I just calmly freeze all over and my forehead’s the only slightly warm place from me being stressed.) Anyways, yeah, my day wasn’t very good, and on top of that, I had caught a cold because my school and other places I go to have a full blast on air conditioners. You have to practically wear a coat to stay partially warm, but then your legs and face still suffer. So I was there, stuck with a cold and in an annoyed mood. The solution: food. Korean food is the best, it warms you up and has just the right sense of taste. Just soothing enough to calm me down and realize that I didn’t have to stress over my auditions anymore. So I was in lalaland when suddenly I realized I had to go help in the church concert that my parents had decided I should help out and participate in. And there was a girl older than me who still hadn’t gone to take her audition yet who seemed a lot better than me since she was practicing… I should have practiced more… My seniors had blisters from practicing their instruments so hard, but their work paid off, they sounded god-like. And here I was, feeling depressed again, and since my stomach was full, I couldn’t eat anything else to relieve my stress. After the concert, I went home and tried to rest, but of course, my nemesis, the thing known as, “HOMEWORK” stopped me from doing so. More than homework, it was more like studying for tests that were ridiculously hard that were totally different from the easy study-guides that the teachers tricked us with. And then my phone – Yes, I finally got a phone a few weeks ago! Yay! – buzzed. A weird notification came.  This is the situation I kind of mentioned in the title and the beginning. So some random stranger who was in the same town as me apparently texted me, “I like the color of your walls.” And I immediately thought, “What the heck? Who is this? Is this someone I know? No way, I don’t remember showing anyone my room. And the color of my walls is beige, which is not a very likable wall color.” So I texted a few of my friends asking if they knew this person and they said that it was probably a prank. So we laughed it off, and it ended with me blocking the person. So, here’s my situation. Did you ever have one like this before? Well, tell me if you ever did and bye for now!


Well, hello. This is thisworldofmine1 and I’m here to report about today. When I woke up, the clock showed the time of 9:42. I woke up especially late since I was binge-reading black Butler since I’d watched the anime but never really read the manga. So I decided to try it out. Of course, I fell asleep and never finished reading it at the time of 5:38 according to my laptop. After practicing the piano and violin for 2 hours. I explored the wonders of the internet and read more of Black Butler. So, originally I didn’t like Elizabeth, but after she turned out to be a prodigy of the sword, I began to actually acknowledge her. I originally thought she was a girl who couldn’t do anything and had to be saved all the time, which made me not like her very much. But, now, I think I like her a little better. And the part where I started to like her is the Atlantic chapters. Anyways, after that, my family and I went to Golden Corral. It was on a fall break day and close to my dad’s birthday so we decided to go out and eat a lot. And by “a lot”, we really do mean a lot. Besides my Mom and little brother, my little sister, my Dad, and I eat a lot. I ate the least out of the 3 of us though. I ate 4 plates of stacked food. and 3 plates of dessert. It’s great how all you can eat buffets have chocolate fountains… Anyways, people stared at us as we kept on bringing more and more plates. That was kind of embarrassing…  After eating. I came back home and was fixated on my devices again. Anyways, yeah. That’s basically how my life today went. So that’s the end of my report for today! Bye!

Love O2O/ A Slight Smile is Very Charming

Hello Hello. This is thisworldofmine1 speaking. Well, more like typing, but still. Anyways, currently, I am at school and since I binged watched a Chinese drama last night till 6 AM(meaning I got barely any sleep since I wake up at 6:20), I can barely stay awake. Right now, it’s a study hall so I get a moment of freedom but I’m not allowed to sleep which makes me a little annoyed. The Chinese drama I watched yesterday was Love O2O, and it even has a book and manhua called, “A slight smile is very charming”(The manhua and drama are based off the book obviously). Sadly I can’t read Chinese so I read the translated version of the book and manhua, but the manhua wasn’t finished yet and the scanlation team for it scanlates slowly so even with most of the manhua out, I can’t read it.☹ Yeah, so I think I shouldn’t binge-watch like this but as always, habits are hard to break and I probably won’t be stopping. Oh well. Well, I hope you guys are doing well at school or work or wherever you are and aren’t being a sleep-deprived, hallucinating(yes, I sometimes do hallucinate. Lack of sleep maybe?), and stressed person like me. I should start drinking coffee sometime… Well, that’s my report for today! Bye!